Friday 13 May 2016

A Post Along The Route Of The Dragons Lair Designs Blog Hop

Welcome To This Post Along The Route Of The Dragons Lair Designs Blog Hop


This Blog Hop is now Closed!

 I’m sorry that you missed the chance to collect all the sections of the collection being given as a freebie during the Dragons Lair Designs Blog Hop.  However – you can still hop around all the blogs in the hop to view all the creations and gain inspiration.  You can also buy the collection in the Dragons Lair Designs Online Store – Here! – in the special Pound Shop section.


We hope that you have enjoyed going round all the blogs in this Blog Hop, and have managed to download your freebie from each location.

If you've come directly into this post, without coming from the previous blog in the hop, you’ll be wondering what the freebie is – well

… it’s the whole “Sugared Brights” collection from Dragons Lair Designs!

To get the whole collection you must have -
  • followed the whole Blog Hop from start to finish, 
  • downloaded pieces of the collection from each blog, 
  • collected a word from each location.

We hope that you like what you've seen along the route and have taken the time to leave a comment to tell our Design Team Members what you think of their creations  – we all love to receive comments that tell us what visitors think of our creations.

Here’s the full Blog Hop list:

 (You are Here - the last blog in this Blog Hop - only the Fan Group to visit now!)
(If you have come into the Blog Hop at this point then please go to the first location in this list and start from the begining)
Dragons Lair Designs Challenge Blog
If you are not already a member of the Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group you will need to request membership once you get to that location.
As soon as your membership is confirmed you will be able to comment with the list of words you’ve collected and you will be messaged the last piece of the collection.

As you went around the different blogs you will have seen what each Design Team Member has made using items from the “Sugared Brights” collectionAt the first blog we gave you a taster photo and - Just For Fun - asked if you could spot which DT Member's work each piece comes from.  Here's the same picture again with the name of the DT Member on the cut-out picture of what they made.

This is the word you need to collect from this blog – “Fantastic”.

And - this is the link - to download the part of the collection that we’ve got to give away.
(I’m sorry, but the link is no longer working as the blog hop has ended, nowever you can still get hold of the lovely Sugared Brights collection in the Dragons Lair Designs online store – Here!)

Now off you go to the next location in the list - The Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group - to type up your word list and wait for your last pieces of the collection to be messaged to you.  You might like to spend the time you are waiting taking part in some of our group activities and collect a few Loyalty Points (these will give you a voucher to spend in store when you collection enough).

Thank you for joining us for this Blog Hop today.  It will finish at 8pm UK Time on Tuesday, 17th, May.

Have fun collecting and crafting,
The Design Team At Dragons Lair Designs


  1. Completed bar the 2 ladies who haven't posted yet. X

    1. Everybody has now got their posts live - the links to all are correct on this blog so you should now be able to collect the missing words and freebie pieces. Sorry for any problems caused by this issue.

  2. Loved the blog hop. Enjoyed seeing everyone's creations. Thank you for the 10th item in the kit. Edwina Brown

  3. I've enjoyed following the blog hop and seeing what everyone has made. I look forward to using it xx

  4. Thank you for the blog hop. I loved all the projects and left a message on each blog. Thank you for all the freebies.
    I found this blog hop on Susan's blog

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