Friday, 19 August 2011


Alot is going on at Stamping With The Dragon.  But, before I get into this "Special" Challenge I want to take the time and let you all know that Stamping With The Dragon has a Design Team Call. 

We are asking that you use the below image and please submit your entries to both Janette ( ) and me ( .  Best wishes to all!!!

Now for our very "Special" Challenge.  It's special in two ways....One is because it's Janette's Birthday (August 30th) and we are hosting a Card Drive for Send A Smile 4 Kids ( in Janette's honor!

Send A Smile 4 Kids is a charitable blog created for the purpose of collecting donated handmade cards to be distributed to children while they are inpatient at Children’s Hospitals. Currently we are donating them to the Children’s Hospitals in Neenah and Milwaukee, WI. On any given day, there are 50-60 children inpatient in these hospitals so we would love to receive as many cards as you can send to cheer them and their families. The kids may also use your cards as Thank You Notes to the nurses and doctors and others. Any kid's cards are welcome including: birthday, holidays (not religious specific please) and happy anyday cards. 

So, since Janette's Birthday is just around the corner we thought it would be a great way to honor her Birthday by asking all of you to donate to this Special group and in return we will be offering 2 prizes.  But, before I announce what the prizes will be I ask that you please read the guidelines carefully for Send A Smile only because these cards will be going to kids and their safety is a must. 

Rules:  Please make either a holiday card  (any holiday is acceptable) or birthday card.  Your entries must fit the guidelines listed below.

Guidelines for Donated Cards
We ask that you read and follow these simple guidelines before making and sharing your cards.

-All cards must be handmade - no computer card-making programs please, such as Hallmark, etc. and no store bought cards.
-All cards should be made specifically for children ages 0-19.
-Please use loose glitter sparingly (make sure to shake off excess), stickles or glimmer mists are a great alternatives to regular shake-on glitter
-Small embellishments such as brads, buttons, googly eyes should not be used on cards intended for very young children (choking hazard).
-Please leave cards completely blank on the inside so the nurses and staff can write messages to the patient and their family. If there is something on the inside of your card, we can cover it with a blank inside piece or you can.
-Keep the cards upbeat (no "sorry you're sick", "get well soon", etc.), these cards are intended to take the focus off of the hospital and just be a cheery holiday, birthday or any day greeting.
-If you are able to, please include envelopes, especially if your cards are not the standard A2 size (4 1/4 x 5 1/2). If you cannot provide envelopes, you can still send cards and we will provide envelopes where needed.
-The hospitals ask that we not include religious symbols or themes in the cards. Many families have many different faiths and beliefs and the hospital staff is not always aware of what faith a child is.

-Suggested deadlines: Halloween October 10th; Thanksgiving November 5th; Christmas December 1st; Valentines January 20th; Easter: 3-4 weeks before the day it falls on this year.
Mothers Day (to give to the children to give to their Mom) April 30th; Fathers Day (for Dad from the hospitalized kids) May 20th.

If we receive cards later, we will save for next year or try to get delivered before the holiday. We accept any type of children's card anytime as long as it follows these guidelines. Please remember birthdays and everyday cheer cards too.

-About Donations Thank you for your support of SAS4Kids! We do have expenses such as envelopes, shipping and blog costs and if you would consider donating a check to help with those expenses, it would be greatly appreciated. You may send with or without a donation of cards.
Please send your check and/or donated cards to: SAS4Kids, C/O Karen Hasheck, 5507 Hickory St., Schofield, WI 54476. Please include an email address or snail mail address so we can acknowledge your gift.
-Please include an email address and your name or a snail mail address so we can acknowledge your gift of cards or monetary donation.

Other than that let your creativity run wild and put some smiles on those little faces!! You may sign or stamp the back of your cards if you wish. All cards received will be labeled "Send A Smile 4 Kids" on the back.

Thank you again! We can't wait to see what you send us for our kids!

Now, as I said we at Stamping Dragon Designs will be offering 2 prizes.  The first prize will be for a holiday card  and the second prize will be for a birthday card.  Both winners will receive 4 images from our store. 

Our Design Team has been very busy only because they all wanted to wish Janette a Happy Birthday along with making a card for Send A Smile 4 Kids.  So, from all of us on your Design Team.........

             HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                                                                   TAMMY LOUISE





If you would love to see how these lovely cards/projects were made please stop by the Design Teams blogs and find out.  Please don't forget to leave them a comment too. 

Please help us celebrate Janette's birthday by putting a smile on a Child's face by entering our challenge.  We so can't wait to see what you come up with. 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh you all Rock this challenge!
    Hugs Nat

  2. Fantastic creations! Happy Birthday Janette!

  3. Lovely cards! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Janette! Hope you have a wonderful day! Great job on the projects everyone.

  5. Happy Birthday, Janette. Great cards from the DT this week and I had such fun making this card. I've been to the Smiles 4 Kids site and am mailing my card to them, with envelope included. I'm sure I'll be doing more of these in the future. Thanks so much for letting us know about them.

  6. Happy Birthday Janette! And thank you sooo much for this card drive for our kids at Send a Smile 4 Kids! I follow Tammy Louise's blog and saw the surprise there! too cool! I am going to be entering a card in your challenge too.

    Karen SAS4Kids

  7. Hello, we at Feline Playful would like to know the status if your DT Call. Please let us know or reply directly to this comment if it has ended so I can update the DT Calls page.

  8. The Call has ended on the 15th September and our new team will be annpounced shortly thankyou so much :)